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The Amazing Dr. Zymes Pest Eliminator- 32oz

The Amazing Dr. Zymes Pest Eliminator- 32oz


Introducing the Incredible Dr Zymes Pest Eliminator

Say goodbye to pests, molds, and mildews with this revolutionary, green solution for your indoor and outdoor gardens. With an active ingredient of citric acid derived from a special fermentation process and blended with other nourishing ingredients, this powerful insecticide and fungicide works by disrupting the breathing of pests and breaking down proteins and organic matter.


Safe and Easy to Use

No more worrying about harmful residues or toxic chemicals around your children and pets! This amazing product is OMRI certified organic, made from food-grade ingredients, non-GMO, bacteria-free, gluten-free, and biodegradable. Plus, its unique formula is crafted in small batches to guarantee the highest quality control.


Not only is the Eliminator safe and eco-friendly, but it also increases your yields with its ability to keep pests, molds, and mildews at bay while allowing for increased photosynthesis and respiration. Say hello to bigger and better harvests!



    How to Use Doctor Zymes Eliminator:

    For Optimal Results: Apply The Amazing Doctor Zymes’ Eliminator in the evening for complete coverage. Use a sprayer to ensure full coverage when the sun is off your plants and the temperature has cooled down. This is to prevent any potential phytotoxicity.

    Drench your plants to achieve full coverage and remember that this is a contact product that must make direct contact with pests, eggs, and larvae. Our recommended application rate is ½ cup per gallon of warm water. In case of severe infestations, you can use 1 cup per gallon of water for effective pest control.

    Test different application rates on an infected sample, then take note of the results for future reference. It is important to always test first to avoid any adverse reactions. You may rinse off the product in the early morning to prevent phytotoxicity.

    The best water temperature for the product is between 70-98 degrees Fahrenheit, and it's important to adjust the pH to 6.0-7.0 before adding the Eliminator to the water. Using the product in the evening will also reduce evaporation and increase its effectiveness.

    Bat Guano, Fish Bone Meal, Fish Meal, Langbeinite, Kieserite, Non Gmo Soybean Meal, Feather Meal, Chicken Manure, Kelp Meal, Dolomite. Also contains nonplant Food ingredients Humic Acid, Beneficial Bacteria and Beneficial Fungi.

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