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psychedelic mushroom gummies

Legal Amanita Psychedelic Mushroom Gummies 1500mg- SporesMD


Legal Psychedelic Mushroom Gummies

  • 300mg Per Gummy (Proprietary Psychedelic Complex)
  • 1500mg (Per Pack)

    SporesMD Psychedelic Mushroom Gummies” is a conceptual and imaginative product designed to merge the intriguing world of psychedelic mushrooms with the playful and enjoyable format of gummies. This product, purely fictional and not intended for real-world use, is envisioned to offer a unique and sensory-rich experience.

    Product Details:

    Potency and Composition:

    • Each gummy contains 300mg of a “Proprietary Psychedelic Complex”, a fictional blend crafted to mimic the effects of psychedelic mushrooms while remaining entirely imaginative.
    • A pack of gummies has a total of 1500mg of this complex, ensuring a consistent and controlled experience with each serving.

    Product Experience: The SporesMD Psychedelic Mushroom Gummies are designed to provide a multi-sensory experience. The flavors are chosen not only for their taste but also for their ability to evoke different moods and sensations, ranging from relaxation and nostalgia to excitement and wonder. The concept behind these gummies is to offer a playful and imaginative escape from the ordinary, through the medium of flavor and the suggestion of a psychedelic adventure.

    Packaging: The packaging is envisaged to be as vivid and captivating as the product itself. Each pack would feature psychedelic and colorful artwork, capturing the essence of a mystical and otherworldly journey. The design would be eco-friendly and visually striking, making the product a fascinating item to display.

    Imaginative Concept: It’s crucial to emphasize that “SporesMD Psychedelic Mushroom Gummies” is a conceptual product, envisioned for its creative and imaginative appeal. It represents a fusion of fantasy and culinary art, illustrating how conventional products like gummies can be reimagined in a whimsical and unconventional manner. This concept is a nod to the potential of innovative product design, blending flavor, art, and a touch of fantasy.



     Amanita Muscaria is deemed illegal in the state of Louisiana. Products containing Amanita Muscaria cannot be shipped to the state of Louisiana.

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