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At GV Alternatives, we have one goal; to offer superior holistic products to our community at a fair price.  Our society has been led to believe that the pharmaceutical industry has all of the answers to our health problems and we have seen time and time again that is just not true. We have spent several years researching low risk, high reward alternatives to traditional medicine to be able to bring our community natural and holistic options to achieve a healthy life.

Hemp and CBD

At our Alternative Wellness and CBD Store in Schenectady, NY we offer the highest quality Hemp and CBD products at affordable prices.  We have been working with the leading farms and processors in the country that hold themselves to the highest standards to deliver our consumers the best products on the market without breaking the bank.  All of our Hemp and CBD products are lab tested by a third party to insure you are actually getting what you are buying. From Hemp Flower to CBD Gummies, CBD Oils, CBD Lotions and Hemp Tea, we have a product for everyone!

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Tobacco Harm Reduction

Tobacco use is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths in the US each year. The sad reality is if you are a smoker, you will likely die prematurely because of it.  GV Alternatives takes nicotine replacement very seriously and we have been a leader tobacco harm reduction industry for nearly a decade. At our store in Schenectady, NY you will find FDA registered vaping products and e-liquids to help you switch from deadly tobacco to an alternative that is scientifically proven to be AT LEAST 95% safer.


Kratom is a coffee plant grown in Southeast Asia that is said to have properties that aide with pain relief, sleep disorders, energy, stimulation, mood enhancement, opioid dependence and much more. People have been using kratom as medicine in Southeast Asia for hundreds of years. We offer a variety of strain options to suit everybody.


Kava is an herbal remedy that some people use to relieve stress and anxiety and boost sleep. This plant extract has a calming, euphoric effect that some people compare with that of alcohol. Kava kava, or simply kava, has a long history of use in alternative medicine and traditional ceremonies.

Top Selling Products

Schenectady CBD Store

GV Alternatives is the premier CBD store in Schenectady, NY. We offer premium CBD Oils, CBD Lotions for pain, CBD Gummies, Top Shelf CBD Flower and much, much more.  If you are looking for cheap CBD products near you with out sacrificing quality, visit GV Alternatives in Rotterdam.

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