• Jess Gavitt

Welcome to the GV Apothecary Blog | A Fun and Educational Perspective on Alternative Wellness


* jumps and claps *

In response to the changing nature of the vaping industry, we have decided to rebrand our GottaVape stores to an innovative new retail model: a harm reduction and alternative wellness retailer. Introducing, GV Apothecary!

* jumps and claps … again * (To answer the question you all must be asking yourselves at this point: yes, there will be lots of jumping and clapping going on. Don’t judge me. I can’t seem to contain my excitement!)

GV Apothecary is unique retailer, the first storefront of its kind in both the city of Schenectady and the town of Rotterdam and are located in the former GottaVape storefronts. The change in business model co