• Jess Gavitt

Nonopioid Alternatives for Addiction Recovery Part II: Kratom

All right, friends, now for Part II of my discussion on opioid abuse disorders (OUDs). As this is the second part in a series, I recommend putting this post on hold while you read Part I, if you haven’t already.

Now, here’s a little statistical recap for you:

In 2017, 20.3 million American adults battled substance abuse disorders (SUDs)—a 600,000 person increase from the previous year.[1]
In 2018, an estimated 2 million Americans had an opioid-specific dependence and a total of 47,600 Americans died from opioid overdoses.[2]
In 2017, 91 Americans died each day from opioid overdoses.[3]
In 2018, over 130 people died each day from opioid-related drug overdoses—a significant and unfortunate increase from the previous year.[4]