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Are you looking to buy CBD in Schenectady, NY?  Sure there are a lot of options but we want to tell you that not all CBD products are created equal.  The owners and staff of GV Alternatives have been in the CBD business since 2015.  In 2017 we opened the very first CBD store in Schenectady that offered CBD Oils, CBD Creams, CBD Gummies and CBD Hemp Flower to the public.  All of the CBD products that we offer in our store are lab tested by an independent third-party lab insure quality.

GV Alternatives has been working closely with the best Hemp Farms and CBD Processors in the country for five years which has allowed us access to the best CBD products on the market. Through our time in the CBD industry and the relationships we have built over the years we have established buying power with our vendors which enables us to offer our customers superior CBD products at a lower price than our competitors.

If you are near Schenectady, NY and are looking for high quality, low cost CBD products stop in or give us a call, you can also look at our products here.  We will be happy to show you how CBD can work for you!

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