CBD For Fitness

When it comes to trying to get the edge in your fitness regimen, you will find there are many things you can do to increase your stamina and boost your muscle development to get you closer to your goals. These things can be found through plenty of hard work and proper nutrition.


The pain, fatigue and stressors that come as a result of your training sometimes get in the way of sticking to your routine to reach your goals. The addition of CBD to your fitness regimen can improve your workout and boost the speed along the recovery of your muscles, but how?

CBD is the less popular (but effective) non-psychoactive relative to THC. Unlike THC, CBD oil does not get you high and as the CBD market is rapidly growing in mainstream popularity, is currently being researched to learn about and uncover the many potential benefits of the miracle plant. CBD's benefits can be found in sleep, anxiety, and muscle recovery before, during, and after a workout.

CBD for Body Building

An effective body building routine is intense. You build muscle and stamina through your workouts while working towards improving your overall performance. As a result of these intense sessions in your quest to build the perfect physique come fatigue and muscle strain, this is where CBD can step in to help!


Many bodybuilders will turn to over the counter NSAIDS such as acetaminophen and ibproufen to aide with muscle fatigue and recovery but they come with adverse side effects if taken to frequently and can cause a negative impact on your training sessions. That is why many trainers are turning to CBD oil to work as an angalestic and anti-inflammatory to help with post workout muscle recovery.


Anyone who has ever had an intense workout session familiar with the muscle soreness and fatigue that comes in the 24-48 hours following that session that left you feeling so good. In that session you tore microfibers of muscles throughout your body to achieve growth leaving pain and soreness throughout your body. A dose of CBD after your workout can mitigate this discomfort and counter the unwanted yet necessary results of your intense work out while increasing blood flow to the affected areas of the body.



Stress and Anxiety

People have found CBD to have beneficial effects on everyday life, body builders and high intensity trainers included. CBD is used to reduce underlying stress and the anxiety of everyday life by controlling otherwise uncontrollable thoughts and emotions.  Reducing the effects of anxiety can improve blood flow and circulation for the most intense athletes.


CBD also helps reduce other negative hormones associated with stress. When your body is stressed, muscle growth and development is hindered and cortisol levels are increased. A CBD regimen helps reduce the cortisol in your bloodstream which will positively impact your training session.

Sleep Routine

Proper sleeping patterns a critical element in everybody's life and even more important for athletes and bodybuilders.  When you sleep your muscles heal and repair from the strain put on them through your training session, CBD before bed time will help you obtain a good night sleep and leave you feeling rested and rejuvenated in the morning.

Bodybuilders and Atheletes have other resposbilites like careers and families most times causing you to schedule your training sessions in the early hours of the morning when most people are sleeping or late in the evening when most people are getting ready to go to sleep for the night. Taking CBD at night to help you get un-interupted sleep will have you ready to get up and tackle your early morning training session.  If you are a late night trainer you know the struggle of trying to fall asleep after an intense training session, taking CBD after your session will help your body relax to acheive a good nights sleep.


Final Thoughts

A good training session will leave your feeling great and accomplished while bringing you one step closer to your goals. That same session will also leave you feeling sore and uncomfortable for days after.  While there are over the counter NSAIDS, anti-inflammatories and sleep aides readily available none are all encompassing and natural like CBD.  If you are considering implementing a CBD regimen to your fitness program, speak with one of our highly educated team members to help find the right application to meet your goals.

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