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We embarked on our journey in harm reduction in 2012 in the vapor technology industry.  In fall of 2013 we opened the Capital Regions first brick and mortar vape shop in Schenectady, offering the community an product that is deemed by the Royal College of Physicians to be at least 95% safer than traditional tobacco products.

In 2015 we began exploring the many benefits of hemp and CBD and began working on a line of products of all applications and marketing the products nationwide on a wholesale basis.

Fast forward to 2023 and we are creating a new concept that brings together both industries under one roof with one common goal, to offer a variety of alternative medicine and harm reduction to give the community a choice to live a healthier life without having to rely on big pharma.  In our new age store you will find a variety of Hemp and CBD products along with vapor and kratom products available to the consumer to lead a healthier life without being dependent on our countries pharmaceutical industry.

At GV Alternatives we source our products from the most reputable vendors with the highest standards.  A majority of the products we carry are manufactured, grown and produced locally!  In our store you will find the highest quality Hemp, CBD, Vapor and Kratom products at the lowest prices in the Capital Region! We are proud to be your choice in Schenectady for CBD, Kratom and Vapor products.

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